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Linda Penny

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Livin’ it up? Under the Bridge   

under the bridge

Written by Linda Penny

June 2015

Note:  We asked Ms. Penny to write about her experiences living on the street for our website Blog.  She currently lives under a nearby overpass. 

It seems the way God has maneuvered me into this horrifying and offtimes ludicrous situation was way too easy for Him.  I can’t figure out why I haven’t fought Him tooth and nail this time, but I still say, “Homeless in NOLA is a whole lot better than my second marriage.”

With most people out here the common factor is fear.   Will I get my I.D. replaced? Find a room?  Go hungry tonight?  Will someone steal all my #+%!! again?   Will one of those nut jobs wanna fight? Hey man, can I get a cigarette?  Only eleven days ‘till check day.  The closer to the first of the month, the scarecer the cigarette butts on the ground.  Someone else got to’em first. Gosh darn, dude. I don’t know how I’ve managed to never go without while having no income and not asking for anything.  Well, of course I know, just like everybody else, the other common factor.The Lord is with us. And so are a whole bunch of really good people who probably need a long rest.Thanks, y’all.  It’s an adventure of a lifetime.  So……night guys, see ya tomorrow.

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archbishop and hal



Ministers from many different faiths, including Archbishop Gregory Aymond, came together last night at St. Joseph’s Church to pray for homeless persons who had died on the streets of New Orleans last year. The keynote speaker, Hal Jefferson, moved all in attendance with his own recollection of being homeless and eventually being housed. The moving sermon helped ensure that the homeless brothers and sisters that have passed on are not forgotten. The Harry Tompson Center was one of the sponsors.
for the event which was organized by the Ignatian Spirituality Project.