We all have something to learn from each other and give to each other. While the guests may initially be seeking some type of service from the HTC; they are also teaching those of us who are blessed to be “home-full” that we all have something to share with one another. They teach us that every person is unique and has a different story to tell.

While most of our guests come from poverty-stricken backgrounds and have some type of disability, they have a hope that their lives can get better. We do everything to instill that sense of hope in them and work hard to re-house and re-build their lives.

Some of our guests, after being re-housed, come back to offer help as a volunteer. We welcome them with open arms and they, too, become part of the HTC Team!

Here’s what a few guests have to say about the services they received at the HTC:

“The Harry Tompson helps to rebuild me and other people and keeps your spirit bonded, and moving forward.”
-Horace Robertson

“The people at the Harry Tompson Center care about us a lot. They take time away from their own families to help us. I’m very grateful. I thank them everyday.”
– Isaac Trice

“I don’t consider myself homeless, but houseless. The Center is my home. They’re my brothers and sisters. It’s an especially good resource for women like me. It’s an oasis within a storm.”
-Gloria Dreux