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Livin’ it up? Under the Bridge   

under the bridge

Written by Linda Penny

June 2015

Note:  We asked Ms. Penny to write about her experiences living on the street for our website Blog.  She currently lives under a nearby overpass. 

It seems the way God has maneuvered me into this horrifying and offtimes ludicrous situation was way too easy for Him.  I can’t figure out why I haven’t fought Him tooth and nail this time, but I still say, “Homeless in NOLA is a whole lot better than my second marriage.”

With most people out here the common factor is fear.   Will I get my I.D. replaced? Find a room?  Go hungry tonight?  Will someone steal all my #+%!! again?   Will one of those nut jobs wanna fight? Hey man, can I get a cigarette?  Only eleven days ‘till check day.  The closer to the first of the month, the scarecer the cigarette butts on the ground.  Someone else got to’em first. Gosh darn, dude. I don’t know how I’ve managed to never go without while having no income and not asking for anything.  Well, of course I know, just like everybody else, the other common factor.The Lord is with us. And so are a whole bunch of really good people who probably need a long rest.Thanks, y’all.  It’s an adventure of a lifetime.  So……night guys, see ya tomorrow.

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