Wish List and Other Ways to Help

Here are other ways to get involved at the HTC!

Donation Drive Volunteer – collect desired items on our Wish List such as backpacks, belts, tote bags, shoes, socks, ponchos, etc.

Wish List

  1. Small toiletries and other hygiene supplies, especially small shampoos and soaps
  2. Paperback books/magazines/newspapers for our Library Book Cart
  3. Men’s belts
  4. Men and women’s underwear, size medium and up
  5. Gloves, hats, and scarves
  6. Deodorant
  7. Body and foot powder
  8. Washcloths and large towels
  9. Bike Pumps
  10. Rain ponchos and handkerchiefs
  11. New reading glasses with strength description
  12. Grocery tote bags and backpacks
  13. Men’s running shoes size 10 and higher
  14. Small snacks such as granola bars
  15. High-efficiency liquid laundry detergent
  16. Walking canes
  17. Copy paper, small notebooks, pens, and other office supplies
  18. Cleaning supplies for clients moving into housing
  19. “Ride-able” bicycles for our Bike Program and other tools for repairing bikes- i.e. wrenches, pliers, vice grips, WD-40, rubber cement for tire patches, etc.
  20. Insect repellent


You can donate supplies directly to the HTC using our Amazon Smile Wish List.

Gala Committee – participate on a dynamic Gala committee which hosts an annual fundraising event each Spring

Assistance with our Case Management and Housing Activities: For less than a $1,000, we can re-house one guest and end his/her homelessness. Perhaps your company, church, synagogue or other community-based group would like to sponsor and mentor one of our guests and help them to end their homelessness? Contact us for help in getting this started.

Other Ideas? We are open to many new activities, as long as we have a volunteer to implement the idea! If you are called to help our guests in a unique and creative way, just let us know and we’ll work with you to get it done!

To get involved, simply complete the Volunteer Form.

For further inquiries about conducting a donations drive for us or other ways to help out, contact PR Coordinator Paisleigh Kelley at pkelley@harrytompsoncenter.org.