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“I made a promise to myself.”

Jacob has been through a lot in his young life, but his promise to keep going and improve his situation has kept him moving forward. Originally from Texas, Jacob came to New Orleans six years ago for Mardi Gras and never left after falling in love with the people and culture of the Crescent City. He is determined to stay in the city that captured his heart, and thanks to the efforts of staff member Jessica, Jacob was housed in May.

Formerly in the Navy and having served his country in Afghanistan, Jacob has faced and survived struggles with his emotional and mental health. He was in combat, though his main job overseas was working with steel and building bridges. After leaving the service in order to overcome his mental and emotional distress, he made promises to himself to keep going and improving his life. He is the process of getting back into school at Delgado in order to complete and earn his welding certification, which he feels is his calling. It is his dream to build and work on ships and boats. He works as much as he can and meets with the good friends he has made in New Orleans as often as possible. Things haven’t been easy for Jacob, but he fights every day to fulfill his promise of a brighter tomorrow.

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