We are a non-profit organization created with collaborative partners to follow the vision of Father Harry Tompson, who in 1999 began to minister to persons experiencing homelessness in downtown New Orleans.

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Every summer the Harry Tompson Center recruits at least one Jesuit Volunteer from the national Jesuit Volunteer Corps program to work with us at the Center. This year, we welcome Christian Frederickson! Christian was born in Maryland, close to the nation’s capital. He spent most of his childhood in the D.C. area, but since then… Read more »

For years, Amanda and her two boys have brought donuts for our guests to enjoy. They faithfully come for a visit almost every winter and summer break, and our guests are always excited for the sweet treat. Here is a photo from Thanksgiving 2014 and one from yesterday- clearly, the boys are turning into kind… Read more »

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“Our job isn’t easy but making a difference in as many lives as we can is why we are here.” By Kahlise Ward, Site Coordinator at the VA CRRC September 2019 After just recently celebrating my 2nd anniversary of working for the Harry Tompson Center, I reflected on the services that I have been able… Read more »


Oct. 25, 2019 – First day of the 8th Bike Class

Dec. 3, 2019 – #iGiveCatholic Day

Dec. 14, 2019 – 2nd Art show and Exhibition at the Rebuild Center

Jan. 14, 2020 – Memorial Service at St. Joseph’s Church

April 18, 2020 – The 2020 HTC Gala           Save the date!

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Stories of Courage

“I tried to told ya but you didn’t want heard me”-

by Juston Winfield, HTC Guest, at the 2018 Interfaith Memorial Service for the Homeless.

Published February 2019

“I, Juston Winfield, was homeless for 4 years and the Rebuild/ Harry Tompson Center opened their doors for 4 years with loving arms and made services available as far as medical, legal, hygienic, and arts and crafts available for those who are less fortunate.

We take this moment to remember those who passed away due to exposure of the elements, of the weather. I was one of those people who really didn’t feel comfortable staying in shelters. I stayed under Ponchartrain Expressway.  I stayed on Julia and N. Tonti. I never went into shelters on Freeze Nights. I just put a blanket on my tent and had a baking pan inside with candles lit to keep me warm.  These are some of the obstacles that homeless people go through in fear of going into a shelter: fear that legal documentation that I accumulated on the streets would be lost or stolen and fear that I would have to reset and start all over again with documentation.

I would encourage the wealthier class of people not to treat homeless people bad or disrespectful because….Facebook quote… “We are the same. You could be one hospital bill away from homelessness.”

The Harry Tompson Center/Rebuild Center made other services available for me to be able to start a career with art and photography. I was encouraged to go forward. I recently purchased an Artist Permit and I sell art now. I have been housed. I still go to the Rebuild Center to see those faces that were there for me. When I had nothing, those faces I will call “Grace Faces.”

As Art By Jaw would say,  ‘I tried to told ya but you didn’t want heard me.’”

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