We are a non-profit organization created with collaborative partners to follow the vision of Father Harry Tompson, who in 1999 began to minister to persons experiencing homelessness in downtown New Orleans.

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Thank you to all those who contributed to Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church’s Giving Tree! Year after year, their Giving Tree helps gather much-needed supplies for the guests of the Harry Tompson Center. This year, we have received enough wonderful donations to hopefully last us through Spring. Special acknowledgement to Cathy Espenan for organizing this wonderful… Read more »

Thank you to those who joined us in person and in spirit as we prayed for the homeless, especially for those who have passed away in 2018, during the Interfaith Memorial Service for the Homeless that was held on Monday, December 17 at St. Joseph Church. Harry Tompson Center guest Juston Winfield shared his prior… Read more »

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January 2019 Getting Off Sesame Street Reflection for the Interfaith Prayer Service for New Orleans Homeless 2018 Sunny days Sweeping the clouds away On my way to where the air is sweet Can you tell me how to get How to get to— I learned the other day that there’s a new face on Sesame… Read more »


March 23, 2019-  The 2019 Harry Tompson Center Gala will be held at the Academy of the Sacred Heart Nim’s Fine Arts Center. Visit our event website today to get tickets or to become a sponsor! 

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Stories of Courage

“I’ve led an interesting life.”

Kenneth “Kenny” Bridgeman has indeed had a very interesting life. He was born on a reservation in Alabama, as a part of the Creek Indian tribe. He had a big family growing up as one of eight siblings. Sadly, a car crash killed some of his family members and altered the course of his life.
After the accident, what remained of his family became scattered, and Kenny found himself in and out of boys homes or else staying with relatives. Kenny found himself drifting a lot from place to place as a youth. At 14, while living with his grandmother,